Dryland Hockey Stickhandling & Shooting Training Tiles


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Any uneven or unused space can become a training zone with MY PUZZLE Hockey Dryland Flooring Tiles. These snap-together 12" by 12" tiles simulate the slickness and smoothness of the ice for anywhere in or around your home.

Product Features
  • Sold per box - Each box has 15 tiles /covers 1650x1000x11mm
  • Provide a superior surface for stickhandling and shooting.
  • 1 sq ft (12" x 12") tiles easily snap together.
  • The Slick Tiles surface is very smooth which means no wear and tear on your stick.
  • Very durable - can be used indoors and outdoors (on the driveway, in the garage, in the basement)
  • Strong enough to drive and park on.

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